Touching Jesus is All That Matters
Glenn Goodwin

In the Des Moines, Iowa assembly, when you think of someone who consistently touches Jesus during services, I doubt that I am the first person to come to mind. I am probably not even the tenth person to come to mind. So maybe I am not the best person qualified to write on the importance of touching Jesus in the Spirit. Even the Apostle Paul, while writing an epistle and giving direction as an Apostle stated that he was the "chiefest of sinners." Even so, I still know how vital and important it is for a Spirit-filled child of God to feel the Spirit of the Savior on a consistent basis.

Touching Jesus is important personally, as a local church, and as a fellowship. There is an old saying in our fellowship that states, "The greatest thing you can ever do is worship God. The second greatest thing you can ever do is to encourage someone else to worship God." The greatest benefit to touching the Spirit of God is peace. Peace to weather the storm. Peace to keep life's trials in perspective. Peace in our Spirit so that we can more easily show the love of God. Occasionally, we can get answers to prayers, tongues and interpretation, or deliverance from an unclean spirit while in the Spirit. I find that when I am trying to pray someone through to the Holy Ghost, the chance of that person receiving the Holy Ghost is much greater if I am in the Spirit.

While in the Spirit, the Holy Ghost is a comforter that reminds us that God is with us every step of the way in our life. It is also a witness to us while we make decisions. The lifeblood of a local assembly is the Spirit of God present in that assembly. As long as the Spirit is present in the assembly, it will thrive. The Spirit is contagious. It is interesting how it only takes one or two people connecting with the Holy Ghost to bring the Spirit in for the entire assembly. There is something unexplainable about seeing someone getting blessed in the Spirit, that is makes me feel the Spirit also. As the song says, "Where two or three stand and agree, the Spirit will come down." Feeling the Spirit is a personal experience. But there are things that we can do to cause others within the assembly to feel the Spirit.

The major thing we can do is always keeping a positive tone to our testimonies. I can honestly say that I have never been encouraged to worship when someone stands to reprove or rebuke the assembly for not worshipping. What's encouraging is when someone stands and sings a song with all of their heart, or stands to tell the assembly they are standing firm with the church, or just simply thank God for another day to serve Him.

If I am concerned that there is quietness in the service when there should be a roar of joy, then I should strive to touch the Spirit. I don't feel like I am unique. I am sure most everyone feels the same way. Brother Lloyd Goodwin always said that we should entertain the Spirit. You could make the analogy that the Spirit is like a guest in your home. If you entertain your guest, he will stay. Whether in church service or not, we should strive to feel His Spirit every day.

There are many denominations of Christianity that are Pentecostal. They have the same Holy Ghost we do and, for the most part, they can feel the same Spirit. Although it sounds contradictory, our fellowship is hallmarked by a richer, deeper and a definitely genuine Holy Spirit. The true Holy Spirit should never be fake, put on or hyped up. The true Holy Ghost doesn't need it. Our fellowship has a different calling. It has always been our belief that our fellowship is called of God to place people in the first resurrection and the Bridge of Christ. That is our prime directive.

To achieve this directive, we strive to have a balance. I must be sensitive to His leading, His guiding and that still small voice. If my conduct is unbecoming a Christian, then it is because I am walking in the flesh and not the Spirit. "...having begin in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?" Galatians 3:3. "God forbid." It is vital that saints and ministers be cognizant of the Spirit when testifying or ministering over the pulpit.

There is a time to teach, a time to preach, a time to exhort, a time to edify, a time to sit down and let someone else stand to touch the Spirit. I pray the Lord gives wisdom and direction to each one of us. I think we can all honestly say we have felt like we've missed the leading of the Lord either when we've tried making important decisions or when we've stood up to testify or preach. But as long as we can keep lifting up the Lord and remember that we need to touch Jesus for ourselves, our brethren, and this fellowship to keep it alive until Jesus comes, then we will make it to the end, because that really is what matters.

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