Outside the Box
Glenn Goodwin

There have been great men and women throughout Bible history that have done great works for God. Moses did. Elijah did. Josiah did. Esther did. Even Brother William Sowders and Brother Lloyd Goodwin did. Bible history is not relegated to just what we read between the pages of this black book. Joshua didn't have an Old Testament to live by. Neither did Abraham. Or Joseph. Peter, James, and John, or even Paul didn't have a New Testament. Outstanding men of God step forward at any given time in history.

They will do what others cannot or will not do. Men and women that go against the tide and traditions of their time to see that God's purpose is fulfilled in their day are special jewels. This article is not written to explain the destination of certain men, but rather to show how doing something that goes against the grain of society can change lives. We don't know everything that these men and women went through, the time it took them to go through it, or all the obstacles they faced, both physically and spiritually, both real and imagined. In fact, we know very little of their lives except what God has allowed us to see. What we need to understand is that they had like passions as we do. They lived as we live.

They faced similar problems that we face. The difference is that we know the difficulties we go through. We know the obstacles we face. We see the shortcomings in our own lives. But, inspite of all the limitations in our lives, we can still do something for God. We don't have to be perfect to do something outstanding. We only have to have a heart that God can work with. Remember, man looks on the outer appearance, but God looks upon the heart.

We see lives like Jonah, who was reluctant to do what God asked him to do, and read about Samuel who seemed more than enthusiastic about the work of God. But what did Isaiah have to go through, emotionally? Or what did Ezra or Nehemiah go through physically? What oppositions did they face? I think what we will see is that they were no different than you or me. But God placed something in their hearts so that they could get the job done.

They stepped off the beaten path to see that the work of God was carried out in their time. They stepped outside the box. In order for us to understand what we need to do, we need to understand where we are and who we are. We are surrounded by the mental and emotionalism of our make-up. How we were raised, what we were taught, where we live, the experiences we've gone through, all make us what we are today. In future articles, I will attempt to explain these problems and the ways a person will be able to step outside the box and do a work for God. Somebody is going to.

It's not going to be King David or Isaiah. It's not going to be Peter or Paul. Although their guidance will help, along with the Spirit of God that works within us, it's going to be someone today. It might as well be you.

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