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  • The Greatest Threat to the Church – Part II
    There is animosity between Christ’s true church and the devil’s world. They cannot co-exist in harmony. Either the church will triumph and separate the saints of God from the world; or the world will win out and separate the saints of God from the church. The influence of the world separated Demas from the work […]
  • The Greatest Threat to the Church
    The two greatest threats to the church are the two greatest threats to your salvation. Satan destroys the church one person at a time. I Peter 5:8. He is unremitting in his attacks. He marshalls forces and pressures to defeat the work of God by enticing the saints to defect. The two greatest threats we […]
  • The Future of the Church
    Make sure the young people growing up in your home, or your church, are involved in the work of the Lord. Are they engaged or disengaged? Do they participate or observe? Do they know how the Lord added their family to the church? Do they testify in church? Engage them in conversation. Ask them about […]
  • The Church Cannot Fail
    Christ loves the church – enough to die for it. Ephesians 5:25.
  • The Heart of a Shepherd
    The Heart of a The Bible often refers to God’s people as sheep. There are many reasons for that analogy. This is seen clearly in the 23rd Psalm where David, as a sheep, looked to the Lord as his shepherd. But there are other scriptures. We are called sheep in Isaiah 53:6, which says, “All we, like sheep, have gone astray.”
  • 7 Steps to Rebellion
    The Bible tells us that rebellion is as wicked, as vile, and as reprehensible as witchcraft. I Samuel 15:23. Elihu, in Job 34:37, said you can add rebellion to your sins. So many people do. In the Bible, we read of Judas Iscariot, Hymaneaus, Diotrephes, and others. Rebellion is common today: children rebel against parents, saints […]
  • “Faithful” Backsliders
    We all know some: friends who used to be in church. We saw them in church as children, heard them testify, or play in the band, or attend Sunday School. But something happened. Maybe there was a crisis: a pastor who died, or problems in the family, and they left church. Or maybe they just […]
  • Historical Drift
    2000 years ago, a man stepped up to John the Baptist, on the bank of the Jordan River, to be baptized. No one knew anything about Him. There were rumors and a fading memory of miraculous events that occurred in Bethlehem 30 years earlier, but nothing had come of it.


Gospel Assembly Church is a pentecostal, non-denominational church located in Urbandale, Iowa.

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