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The Power of Unity

There is a concept in science called synergy. It is when different things interact so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual parts. A congregation of 200 members in the body of Christ is more than just 200 individuals. A power proceeds from each individual heart; and all these separate powers, when combined and blended, constitute another and a higher form of power. All of us, together, can do more for the Lord than if each one of us were just serving the Lord separately.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 tells us that two are better than one. We could unleash 200 individuals to serve God alone. But if we combine in the church, we can accomplish much more together than if each one served separately. Why? Because of Holy Ghost synergism. According to Matthew 18:20, where two or three are gathered in His name, the Lord adds an ingredient.

There is power in our concerted action. This is especially seen in our worship. When one person is worshipping and touching the Spirit, that is good; but when 120 or more are all worshipping together, and are filled with the Holy Spirit, it is awesome. The entire church is edified. The church is a building, a holy temple. It is a building of the Lord. Ephesians 2:20-21. It is a spiritual house, made up of lively stones. I Peter 2:5.

In a building, a stonemason puts in each stone individually. Modern technology has not found a way to put multiple stones in at a time. A bricklayer handles each brick as he places it in the wall. We do not have a means to lay a whole row of bricks or a whole section of the wall at one time. Brick walls are built one brick at a time. Even nails are still driven one at a time.

This is true in the spiritual house of God. The Master-builder handles each lively stone individually, and places each one in this building right where He wants them. See I Corinthians 12:18. To be effective, we must be put into the building. We don’t want to be a broken brick that is discarded. He has placed us here, where He wants us to be.

By itself, a brick is not particularly useful. But when combined with other bricks in a wall, it becomes part of an edifice. Ancient cultures displayed the support structures of their buildings and made them beautiful. The Parthenon in Athens is an example of a building that is beautiful because of its ornate pillars. The temple in Jerusalem had beautiful pillars. Yet a beautiful pillar, standing all alone, has no useful purpose. Pillars are supposed to support a building. If they are not doing that, then why have them? Revelation 3:12 speaks of those who are made a pillar in the house of the Lord. Hannah rejoiced prophetically about the pillars the Lord will set the world upon. I Samuel 2:8. But nobody will be a pillar in the coming kingdom who was not first a pillar in the house of the Lord in the church age.

Blend in; become a part of the church. Don’t be a lone brick away from the wall, or try to be a pillar without supporting a building. Don’t try to pull yourself out of the wall where the Lord placed you. For us to function as lively stones in the building of the Lord, we should become a force for good in the church, in our homes and in our community. If we learn to do well, we will cease to do evil. If we walk in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Galatians 5:16. Evil is overwhelmed and overcome, not by just focusing on the things that are bad, but by turning the people’s hearts toward the things that are good.

It is up to us, then, to blend together in attaining righteous and worthy goals – as the church of God. Together, Holy Ghost synergy will allow us to do more for the kingdom than if we all worked separately, or even as separate little families.

I believe the family is the basic unit in the fabric of society, and the strength of the church. But never forget that your families are to be built into the family of God. Your family is to be working with the other families to build the church that Jesus died for. He came to build a church, and not to empower families to function independently.

A small collection of bricks, hidden away in a family home, is not the church of the Lord. The body of Christ finds its strength and power in the local church. The apostles of the first century did not concentrate on the strength of the family; rather, they built churches wherever they went. Church-building is the theme of the work of God in this present time.

We are to have strong families, but the strength of the family should never weaken the church. If so, something is wrong. Any time the strength of the family weakens the strength and the unity of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, that home is out of God’s order. You cannot steal the building material of the church to use it to build your own house. Haggai 1:4 shows it is wrong to have nice homes and a feeble church. There is power in our unity.